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This workshop organised by Paul Spence and Renata Brandao (King's College) is led by the Language Acts and Worldmaking project with the support of the Cross-Language Dynamics: Reshaping Community project, funded by the AHRC under its Open World Research Initiative. I co-facilitated, with Dr Sender Dovchini (Curtin University) the Sub-theme: Transcultural and translingual approaches to digital study


This collection, edited by Paul Spence and Renata Brandao (Kings' College) consists of practical and open educational resources for use in the Modern Languages, but it also represents an interrogation of the affordances and limitations generated by digital mediation. In this introduction we highlight some of the challenges that the collection had to overcome, and in so doing, we hope to foster wider discussion about how digital learning resources can be better integrated into Modern Languages education and research across languages, across educational levels and across digital platforms.



This was an AHRC-funded research project, developed in collaboration with Dr Clodagh Brook (UCD), Prof. Florian Mussgnug (UCL), and Prof. Giuliana Pieri (Royal Holloway). In my individual project, I have explored Italian creative practices across literature and electronic media (analog and digital) from the 1960s to our days. The main outcome of this project is my forthcoming second monograph, Opera aperta. From the novel to digital storytelling.

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